New Tricks

Series 10 - 1. The Rock - Part One

The Rock - Part One
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Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Surely I’m not the only person in the world who feels she can measure out her life in series of New Tricks. We’re up to the tenth (yes, really, the tenth) though this one will herald some major cast changes. But as we begin, the old gang is still intact, being as irascible as ever.

Your heart will go out to poor, thwarted Brian (Alun Armstrong), who feels that his life and his sanity are slipping away from him. He’s haunted by a terrible failure in his early career and needs to atone for his guilt by putting things right. Meanwhile the rest of the Tricksters are investigating the 1998 murder of a drugs smuggler, a hunt that leads them to the sunny Rock of Gibraltar. Nice.

Even boss Sandra (Amanda Redman) has a smile on her face, a smile that grows even wider when she flirts with a presentable businessman.

About this programme

1/10. Part one of two. Brian is suspended after assaulting a high-ranking officer in the Met, suspecting him of covering up a death in custody years before. Meanwhile, an Argentinian pistol recovered from the Thames is linked to two unsolved murders which took place 16 years apart - and with one of them having occurred in Gibraltar, Sandra takes the team - minus Brian - on an Iberian adventure to uncover the truth. Alun Armstrong, Amanda Redman, Dennis Waterman and Denis Lawson star in the crime drama, with a guest appearance from Vincent Regan (300).

Cast and crew


Brian Lane
Alun Armstrong
Steve McAndrew
Denis Lawson
Sandra Pullman
Amanda Redman
Gerry Standing
Dennis Waterman
DAC Robert Strickland
Anthony Calf
Cmdr Adam Sinclair
Richard Clothier
Esther Lane
Susan Jameson
Supt Raphael Cruz
Dhafer L'Abidine
Harry Truman
Vincent Regan
Georgia Zaris
Gordon Fletcher
Tim Wallers
Levy Bossano
Vincent Riotta
Natalie Bossano
Gabriela Montaraz
Laura Highsmith
Amanda Drew
Nicholas McGaughey
Bill Embleton
George Irving
Sarah Kaye
Sharon D Clarke


Brian Grant
Tom Mullens
Simon Allen