Captain Phillips’ Barkhad Abdi: Tom Hanks is a legend

28-year-old Abdi, who tonight won the Bafta for best supporting actor, has said he "learned a lot" from co-star Tom Hanks


Captain Phillips star Barkhard Abdi has just picked up an award for best supporting actor at tonight’s Bafta ceremony in London. But despite his win, the 28-year-old is full of praise for his co-star Tom Hanks.


“He’s a legend,” Abdi told press after accepting his coveted prize. “Tom is a great man and I learned a lot from him – working with him, he’s a family man, a hard-working man and there’s a lot to learn.”

“He’s the reason I came to the auditions,” Abdi added, “it’s an honour to meet him and understand what sort of person he is.”

And it’s a good job he went to the auditions, too, as the Somali-American actor now has a BAFTA gong to his name. Not that he’ll actually get to see it much. It’s going to my mum’s house,” Abdi said after accepting his award.

“[Awards season]’s been amazing and I’m just loving every moment of it,” he added. “It’s quite a dream.”

Abdi played Abduwali Muse in Paul Greengrass’ film Captain Phillips, which tells the true story of an American cargo ship being boarded by Somali pirates. Abdi, who made his cinematic debut in the blockbuster, has since been nominated for numerous awards, including best supporting actor at this year’s Oscars.