Call the Midwife series 3 episode 4 preview and predictions: cuddles, loose cannons and goodbyes

A look ahead to episode four of the period drama - accompanied by Ellie Walker-Arnott's patented guessing game


Last week’s Call the Midwife saw the midwives slung behind bars…


But don’t worry, the gang hadn’t committed any crimes. Instead they were drafted in to help Holloway prison’s pregnant inmates. 

Trixie accompanied Sister Julienne to the prison where they met Stella, a young woman desperate to prove she was capable of looking after her own child. Even calm and collected Sister Julienne was distressed by her plight and acted out of character, getting emotionally involved and putting her own reputation on the line to help the new mother get a fresh start.

Meanwhile, it was Chummy’s birthday. Ever eager to score a bargain, Fred picked up some theatre tickets by the docks (never a wise idea) and sold them onto the girls who got all glammed up for their night in central London. By the time it transpired that the tickets were fakes, Chummy, Cynthia and co were already stocked up on choc ices in preparation. The girls didn’t let the disappointment ruin their night though – and a trip to a local pub revealed that Chumming is a master darts player. Who knew, eh?

Jenny and Alec’s relationship was going from strength to strength. That was, until Alec started dropping hints about how serious he was about her. He even said he loved her – a statement which didn’t go down too well with Jenny who opted for an awkward “thank you” in response.

In other news, excited newlyweds Shelagh and Doctor Turner sent a pregnancy test off to The London. But when the results came back negative, poor Shelagh found out that her bout of TB in series two had caused more damage than doctors had previously thought and her dreams of becoming a mother were likely to stay dreams.

But what’s going to happen this week? As usual, I’ve put on my frilly thinking cap and made some spurious suggestions…  


Rumour has it Alec’s poised to ask Jenny away to Brighton for the weekend – and it looks like things are heating up between the pair. She might not have been able to utter those three magical words last episode, but maybe she’s managed to find another way to express her feelings for the dishy chap…?

Holding hands and rubbing your faces together is pretty full on. I’m fairly sure it counts as heavy petting. And if you can’t get away with it at your local swimming baths then it’s pretty risque. Especially for 1959.  


Uh oh. Looks like Sister Winifred is on call. She might be a midwife but Nonnatus House’ newest recruit doesn’t seem to have delivered any babies yet. In fact, the only useful thing we’ve seen her do is nit comb Trixie’s hair…

The question we are all asking is whether the country bumpkin actually knows what she’s doing, or if she’s just a bit of a lazybones. And it seems like the pregnant mothers of Poplar are as concerned. She’s not even on her bicycle yet and nearly everyone has hotfooted it indoors. I’ve never seen the streets so deserted…


Now does Jenny look sad here, or frightened? It’s only Brighton, Jenny. Just one weekend away with the rather charming chap who loves you. What’s the worst that could happen? Asides from, you know, ruining your reputation and ending up just another one of Poplar’s pregnant mothers… 

There’s no use peering out of your taxi looking to the nuns for help. They are none the wiser when it comes to men’s intentions, honourable or otherwise. In fact, it’s no secret that Cynthia’s not that clued up when it comes to the opposite sex – and the more I think about it the more I reckon Trixie’s all talk too. You’re on your own when it comes to this one, Jenny.  


What’s Alec doing up there without a hard hat on? Health and safety was terribly lax in the 1950s.

Some dramatic exclamation of his love for Jenny perhaps? Maybe he’s hoping a big gesture will be the persuasion she needs to admit she’s in love with him. He doesn’t look too comfy up there though. And he’s right to look worried. We’ve all had a glimpse of what happens next in the teaser for this week’s episode… 


Waving, eh? Is anyone else getting the impression Sunday’s episode isn’t going to be a happy one?

Is Chummy heading back to Sierra Leone? Could Sister Winifred be going back to Motherhouse to brush up on her midwifery skills before she gets herself into trouble in the East End? Maybe this is the party waving Jenny and Alec off for their romantic weekend away? Though that seems like a lot of fuss to make about one overnight stay…


Call the Midwife continues on Sunday at 8:00pm on BBC1