Baking Bad and the best Breaking Bad spin-off ideas

With Better Call Saul confirmed, Jonathan Holmes imagines more spin-offs for this brilliant crime drama

Baking Bad and the best Breaking Bad spin-off ideas
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Like a cockroach, Breaking Bad's Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) is the eternal survivor. Not only can the crooked lawyer always beat the charges, he will even outlast the series itself: Better Call Saul has just been given the green light.

A prequel series that follows the lawyer's career before he met Walter White, it got us thinking about other characters that could be given their own spin-offs.Here's what the citizens of Albuquerque could do after they've broken bad.

Baking Bad with Walter White

Walt is the undisputed master of meth cooking, but what about cakes? Mary is impressed with the perfect structure and light blue colour of his Angel (Dust) Cake, but less pleased with how it made all of her teeth fall out. Paul meanwhile is weeping hysterically and screaming the word "moist".

The OH! Show with Badger and Skinny Pete

The One Show has yet another shake-up, hiring Jesse's waster friends as presenters. New segments include whether dogs prefer Tangy or Cool Ranch Doritos; who would win in a fight, Dracula or Spock; and whether the walls are closing in and everyone's going to suffocate. Viewers don't notice the difference.

Deadliest Catch with Mike Ehrmantraut

Sure, Mike is currently sleeping with the fishes, but only a fool would count out this sardonic assassin. For Mike Ehrmantraut, hunting down the deadliest prey (fish, human or otherwise) would be as easy as dissolving fish in a barrel.

The Price is Right with Jesse Pinkman

It's a shame Jesse never won the prize showcase. The drugs-den he lives in could really use a nice 3 piece suite.

Under the Dome with Hank Schrader

A small town is cut off from the world by an invisible, fish bowl like dome, and it's up to Hank to...actually, nah, forget it. Too ridiculous.

What other shows should Break Bad? Tell us below!

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