Nashville series two to start filming in July

"The fact that we are doing that all over again so soon is pretty crazy!" says the show's star Hayden Panettiere


Nashville’s Hayden Panettiere, who plays bitchy Country singer Juliette Barnes, has revealed that the second series of the hit More4 drama will start filming next month.


Talking to about the recently recomissioned drama, Panettiere said “I believe we’ll be back on set in mid-July” before adding “but anything can change!”

With the series only just being recomissioned in the US, it must feel like a quick turn around for the cast and crew. “It is shocking to me! I think about it and I go ‘Oh my gosh.’ As much as I love my job, we all love our jobs… the fact that we are doing that all over again so soon is pretty crazy!”

With weddings, flings, scandals, a damaged public image and an even more damaged mother to condend with, series one has been something of a rollercoaster for Juliette Barnes (no spoilers, but it only gets more dramatic as the series comes to a close!) Does Panettiere have any hopes and dreams for her character as we go into the new series? Well… no, not really!

“I don’t even like to think about it,” she told “I find that in this business, and in life, that expectations a lot of the time lead to disappointment. And I love to be spontaneous and I love to not guess and to just wait for it with excitement. And if I do that I will hopefully never be disappointed with what I get.”

“I have the utmost confidence and trust in Callie Khouri and our writing team to just create something interesting,” she continued. “But I’ll be very, very curious because [Juliette] could go in many, many, many ways and there is only so long that you can play that constant avalanche of a character.”

Is it time Juliette’s storylines started slowing down maybe?

“But you want to keep her interesting and she is the show’s villain, so…”

Series one of Nashville continues on Thursdays at 10:00pm on More4


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