Daniel Radcliffe dons Harry Potter specs to play Allen Ginsberg in new teaser

The 24-year-old will play the Beat Generation poet alongside Jack Huston and Dane DeHaan in new film Kill Your Darlings

There’s something familiar about Daniel Radcliffe in this teaser trailer for Kill Your Darlings. He may be playing Beat Generation writer Allen Ginsberg, but the British actor still bears a distinct similarity to his most famous role. Gone is the lightning scar on his forehead, but the specs and geeky demeanour of Harry Potter remain in Radcliffe’s depiction of the American poet.


The 24-year-old’s latest film focuses on the early relationship between Ginsberg and Lucien Carr (played by Dane DeHaan) during their days at Columbia University, also introducing fellow Beat figures Jack Kerouac (Jack Huston) and William Burroughs (Ben Foster). 

Dexter’s Michael C Hall stars as Professor David Kammerer, obsessed with the young Carr, while Kyra Sedgwick and Elisabeth Olsen play his mother Marian and girlfriend Edie Parker. But it’s Radcliffe who takes centre stage in this new footage, adopting an American accent to portray the infamous poet in his early years. Take a look at the teaser below: 

Kill Your Darlings is released in UK cinemas on 8 November 2013