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Kristen Bell and Joel McHale in The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale (Netflix, JG)

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The Crown - Matt Smith, Peter Morgan, Claire Foy - Writer/Creator Peter Morgan with Matt Smith (Prince Philip) and Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth II) (Netflix, TL)

Sunday 25th February: The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale

Netflix’s comedy sketch and entertainment show streams weekly with a new episode released every Sunday. Community star Joel McHale leads with Bridesmaids director Paul Feig as exec producer. This week Frozen and The Good Place star Kristen Bell guest stars. Watch on Netflix

Saturday 24th February: Seven Seconds

The death of a 15-year-old African American teenager in Jersey leads to police cover-up and conspiracy in this new Netflix Original TV series. The provocative drama is created by Veena Sud, the showrunner responsible for adapting Danish hit The Killing for the US. Watch on Netflix

Friday 23rd February: Mute

Director Duncan Jones has finally found a home for Mute, a labour of love in the vein of his brilliant sci-fi chamber piece Moon. The film follows Alexander Skarsgard (Big Little Lies) as Leo – a bartender who is unable to speak as a result of a childhood accident – on a search for his missing girlfriend. Watch on Netflix

Thursday 22nd February: The Interview

Ah, the halcyon days of 2014, when the greatest threat to international relations between North Korea and the USA was this comedy from James Franco and Seth Rogen, who star as a TV show and producer wrapped up in a CIA plot to assassinate Kim Jong-Un. Watch on Netflix

Wednesday 21st February: Brave Miss World

This deeply affecting documentary tells the story of Linor Abargil, an Israeli beauty pageant contestant who was raped in the weeks leading up to her Miss World win at the age of 18. It explores the way in which the assault changed the course of her life, and follows her as she helps rape survivors around the world to tell their story. Watch on Netflix

Tuesday 20th February: Hellboy

Guillermo del Toro took home the best director award at the Baftas on Sunday – overdue recognition for his 30-plus year career, which is dotted with gothic romance gems like Crimson Peak and otherworldly fairytales like Pan’s Labyrinth and Shape of Water. Here, he puts his spin on comic book hero/demon Hellboy. It’s a good chance to catch up with this before the upcoming David Harbour-fronted reboot relegates it to obscurity. Watch on Netflix

Monday 19th February: FullMetal Alchemist

A live action adaptation of the hit Japanese manga series, FullMetal Alchemist is part of Netflix’s huge expansion of Japanese Original content. The win for Japanese viewers is a win for the rest of us too – dive straight in to the new movie or check out the original series first. Watch on Netflix

Friday 16th February: Everything Sucks!

This retro reference heavy comedy drama follows a group of misfit high school teens and their equally misfit parents in Oregon in 1996. It’s all here: geeks, freaks, girls, paper fortune tellers, and really slow internet… Just be glad you’re not trying to watch on dial-up. Watch on Netflix

Thursday 15th February: Chris Rock – Tambourine

“You’d think every once in a while the cops would shoot a white kid just to make it look good,” Rock says at the beginning of his first standup special in 10 years. He’s unafraid, as ever, to find humour in serious topics. He doesn’t let himself off the hook, touching upon his infidelity and his addiction to pornography. It’s a brilliant, at times brutal, hour of comedy. Watch on Netflix

Wednesday 14th February: The Pursuit of Happyness

Will Smith reins in his customary exuberance to deliver a beautifully understated performance as real-life San Francisco father Chris Gardner, who, in the 1980s, battled against astonishing adversity to achieve his American Dream. Gardner’s child is brilliantly played by Smith’s real-life son Jaden. Watch on Netflix

Tuesday 13th February: The Peanuts Movie

Sixty-five years after US cartoonist Charles M Schulz first created Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy and the rest of the Peanuts pack, and 35 years since the most recent feature release, they finally make a return to cinemas with this cute and charmingly computer-generated outing. Watch on Netflix

Monday 12th February: Seeing Allred


A glimpse into the world of American women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred, who, across a 40 year career has taken on Donald Trump, Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein. Watch on Netflix