Sherlock Christmas special trailer pays tribute to classic Jeremy Brett series with shot-for-shot recreation of opening scenes

Fans of Granada's Adventures of Sherlock Holmes will also recognise the first notes of the musical score


The first few notes of music that accompany the opening scenes of what we can now pretty confidently say is the Sherlock Christmas special will have struck a chord with Sherlock Holmes fans of a certain age. Along with the rattle of the hansom cabs and the sound of the horses hooves, it will take them straight back to Granada’s classic 80s series The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes starring the late, great Jeremy Brett.


Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat are self-confessed admirers so perhaps it’s no surprise that they would nudge composers David Arnold and Michael Price to slip in a quick nod to the show. But it seems they’ve gone a bit further than that, and have had a word with the director too, because the opening frames of the trailer are as close as you could get to a shot-for-shot recreation of the first moments of the Adventures intro sequence. Take a look below and see what you think…


And now watch the two in motion – and listen out for those familiar notes…


Unmistakeable, right? And if the Sherlock Special can go any way towards making me relive the thrill I felt as a kid when The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes started on a Sunday night, it’s going be a fantastic Christmas gift…