Better Call Saul gets teaser trailer and release date

Breaking Bad spin-off glimpsed in nine-second clip


Better Call Saul, the prequel to Breaking Bad, has a release date and the most teasing of teaser trailers.


Starring Bob Odenkirk as a younger but no less sleazy Saul Goodman, the nine-second teaser was broadcast in the middle of AMC’s ‘Mad Men Binge’. As well as showing off Saul’s lustrous, youthful hair, the clip also revealed the show’s release date: February 2015.

Better Call Saul will follow the lawyer’s life years before he met Walter White, back when Saul went by the name ‘James M. McGill’. A billboard advertising Mr McGill’s services recently appeared in the centre of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

It’s fair to say fans are conflicted over a spin-off show from the nigh-on perfect Breaking Bad, asking if it is really necessary. Then again, seeing Saul again makes you realise how much you miss the shyster. As the man himself puts it:

“Lawyers? We’re like health insurance: you hope you never need it but man oh man, not having it? No!”