Which Call the Midwife character are you? - quiz

Are you sensible like Jenny Lee, bright and bubbly like Trixie, or in your own little world like Sister Monica Joan?

Which Call the Midwife character are you? - quiz
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1. There’s a dance at the local village hall. You…

A. Have known about it for weeks, obviously. And you’ve found a delightful scarf to match your lipstick.
B. Get dressed up and indulge in a cheeky Babysham. Never know who you might meet at a dance…
C. Go along. As long as everyone else is.
D. Meant to go. But the house is such a mess and your babysitting plans have fallen through. Again.
E. Think about putting on your dancing shoes. But you’re not sure it’s entirely proper.
F. Don’t go to dances. Why would you want to be in an enclosed space with so many raging hormones?
G. Sit it out. But say that you hope everyone else has a lovely evening.
H. Say: "To be fond of dancing is a certain step towards falling in love."

2. Everyone has sat down for a much-needed tea and cake break. But the Victoria Sponge cannot be found. You…

A. Don’t mind, actually. You’re watching your figure.
B. Ate an iced bun about half an hour ago anyway…
C. Say it doesn’t matter. There’s no point crying over lost cake, now, is there?
D. Get in a flap. That cake took you hours to make – it simply must be here somewhere.
E. Stay out of it. Best leave the cake-based dramas to everyone else.
F. Can’t help but get a bit cross. Missing sponge is just another annoyance in an already irritating day.
G. Calmly look around the room to ascertain where the missing cake could possibly be.
H. Have crumbs on your face.

3. A new mother you know is struggling to balance her brand new baby with keeping her home clean and tidy for her husband. You…

A. Say she needs to put her feet up. It’s time her husband learned how to use the hoover.
B. Tidy the house for her. And put a stew on the stove while you’re at it. It’s really no trouble.
C. Offer a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen.
D. Know how she feels. It’s a complete and utter nightmare, isn’t it?
E. Feel awful for her. It’s terrible when a new mum is struggling.
F. Won’t have her moaning on about a dusty sideboard. Some mothers have it a lot harder, don’t you know?
G. Try and gather a support network around the new mum so she can have a bit of a break.
H. Sorry, what? You are terribly busy tending to your roses.

4. A rather attractive chap moves into the local area. You…

A. Have already perfected your new married signature. And now get dolled up to the nines to put out the rubbish.  You know, just in case.
B. Have made eye contact a few times. Just to let him know you’re interested.
C. Don’t think you’d get a look in. Your friends always get more attention than you.
D. Encourage all the women you know to meet him. It’d be nice to have a few more married friends.
E. Don’t know anything about that. You’ve only got eyes for one man.
F. Have noticed that he might be handy when it comes to moving that new wardrobe upstairs.
G. Have made an effort to meet him and welcome him into the community.
H. Say: "Her love was entire as a child's, and though warm as summer it was fresh as spring."

5. You get a puncture while out on your bicycle. You…

A. Flag down an eligible gentlemen to assist you. Oh, kind sir, there seems to be something amiss with my bike…B. Have a little cry, before setting out to ask a friendly face for some advice.
C. Whip out your bicycle repair kit. Puncture? What puncture?
D. Telephone for help. This really is the most frightfully inconvenient thing to have happened.
E. You’re a bit lost as to what to do, but luckily a passing Doctor stops and gives you a lift the rest of the way.
F. Ditch the bike and walk on home. Good job you always wear sturdy, practical shoes, eh?
G. Push the bike all the way back. You might have got three blisters in the process, but there’s not much point in complaining. What will be will be.
H. Sorry, why would you be on a bicycle? You only travel by black cab.

6. You receive a last-minute invite for a weekend away. You…

A. Have the most perfect outfit. You just need five minutes to pack and you’ll be good to go.
B. Are just not sure. It’s not an awful lot of notice and you’re not clear about your host’s intentions.
C. Accept. You’re touched by the sentiment. What a lovely offer.
D. Would love to, old bean. It’s such a wonderful idea, but you just can’t get away at the moment.
E. Couldn’t possibly accept. It’s just too much and you could never repay the favour.
F. Don’t really see the point of holidays. There’s work to be done.
G. Could do with some time for quiet reflection, now you mention it. Work has been getting you down lately.
H. Couldn’t possibly go. Who knows what dreadful evils could befall you if you left the comforting walls of your home behind?

So which Call the Midwife character are you?

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