Call the Midwife series 3 episode 8 predictions: soul searching, scrambled egg and smug couples

A look ahead to the series finale of the period drama - accompanied by Ellie Walker-Arnott's patented guessing game


Can you believe we are almost at the end of Call the Midwife’s third series? 


It seems like only yesterday that pesky festive bomb forced the nuns to evacuate old Nonnatus House. Well, time flies when you’re having fun, eh?

Last week’s episode put a smile back on plenty of fan’s faces when Jenny Lee returned to Nonnatus following her rest time at the Motherhouse. The midwife initially decided to head off on secondment at The London, thinking that Poplar would hold too many memories, but Jenny soon became frustrated by the quality of care she was allowed to offer in the ward and by the end of the episode had returned to district nursing. 

Shelagh ploughed on with plans to meet with an adoption agency, despite Doctor Turner admitting reservations about the agencies prying questions. Their meeting didn’t go well, though, when it was revealed that the Doc once spent time in a psychiatric hospital after being discharged from service during World War II. 

Meanwhile Chummy’s mother, the mean Lady Browne, made an appearance. Dismissive of Chummy’s life in Poplar with PC Noakes and cold towards her grandson Freddie, Lady Browne soon came to blows with her daughter. Before it transpired that Chummy’s mother was gravely ill and she was rushed to hospital, to be told she was suffering from incurable cancer. 

Over at Nonnatus, the midwives dealt with a new mother who developed postpartum psychosis while Trixie and Tom Hereward finally had a successful date after Patsy taught the embarrassed curate to dance. 

But what’s going to happen this Sunday? In the series’ all-important finale? Well. I’ve put on my thinking cap and made some spurious suggestions… 


Jenny’s back in the fold. And just to hammer the point home she’s cycling around Poplar, surveying her grateful patients. You know, just letting them know she’s here to care for them and get herself emotionally involved in their problems. Any time of day or night.

Only thing is, no one seems that bothered by her return. They are all averting their gaze, or chatting amongst themselves. Talk about an anti-climax… 


Now his dancing’s up to scratch, Trixie is head over heels.

Tom Hereward looks pleased as punch to have bagged himself such a pretty, perky girlfriend, but Trixie is besides herself. I mean, he’s a long way away from a leather clad filmstar or snake-hipped Elvis… but she has an actual boyfriend. Finally. She’s literally pursing her lips to keep from squealing. 


If Trixie’s going to date a curate she may as well play the part of the do-gooder – she’s not one to do things by halves.

She’s also not one to ever let anything come in the way of style. She’ll be the most glamourous vicars’ WAG there ever was. These swanky golden sashes are really livening up the church choir, don’t you think?


Looks are though someone’s not best pleased about Trixie’s new found romance. Regretting teaching the curate to sashay and cha cha, now, eh Patsy?

Trixie isn’t meaning to rub her loved up state in your face – it’s just been an awfully long time since she last met a nice chap. And ol’ Doc Turner is still a slightly smug newly-wed – he doesn’t mean any harm. But we know. It’s no fun being the odd one out. 


She might be ill, but don’t go thinking she won’t notice that empty breakfast tray, Peter. Seriously, standards are slipping. Lady Browne is used to a much higher standard of life than this, for crying out loud.

You might just be a copper, Noakes, but you know how to scramble an egg don’t you?


Jenny may have returned from the Motherhouse, but let’s not assume her troubles are behind her. Nurse Lee has had a tough time of late – she might still have some soul searching to do. And if she wants to to that on her tea break by staring at her own reflection in a compact mirror then that’s her prerogative. Who are we to stop her?

Call the Midwife is on Sunday at 8:00pm on BBC1.