Sherlock season 3: Lara Pulver’s Irene Adler makes brief appearance in The Sign of Three

The detective still has The Woman on his mind, even in the midst of a case...


“I don’t think I said you wouldn’t be seeing me,” said Lara Pulver enigmatically when we asked her back in September whether she would be making an appearance in Sherlock series three.


And it turns out she wasn’t just teasing. Last night’s second episode of the BBC1 detective drama saw the return of whip-smart dominatrix Irene Adler – if only briefly, and if only in Sherlock’s imagination…

In fact, certain fans who would love to see the pair grappling with one another again after they first locked horns in series two episode A Scandal in Belgravia, will be encouraged that Irene was on the detective’s mind – as naked as the day he met her – even in the midst of a case.

“Get out of my head, I’m busy,” snapped Sherlock as she drew a finger languorously down his cheek. She obliged for the moment, but its clear Sherlock still hasn’t completely got The Woman out of his head. 

Sherlock: His Last Vow is on BBC1 on Sunday 12 January