Sherlock series 3 – take a tour of the 221B Baker Street set

See a panoramic view of Sherlock and John's under-construction flat, as photographed by production designer Arwel Wyn Jones


How’s this for whetting your appetite (as if it needed whetting) ahead of the new series of Sherlock: a panoramic view of the set of 221B Baker Street, currently under construction, courtesy of the show’s production designer Arwel Wyn Jones.


The set team are currently preparing Sherlock and John’s flat for stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, who are due to fetch up on the doorstep next month when filming starts on the new three-part run of the BBC1 show.

Click on the arrows to see the set in full screen, move in and out using +/- and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate around the flat