Coronation Street: 40 years of Deirdre Barlow - her best moments

From love triangles to lorries, and prison to pies - we celebrate four decades of a true Corrie heroine

Coronation Street: 40 years of Deirdre Barlow - her best moments
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ITV1 has confirmed that it’ll show a documentary on November 13 saluting Anne Kirkbride’s four decades as Deirdre Hunt/Langton/Barlow/Rachid/Barlow. Entitled Deirdre and Me: 40 Years on Coronation Street, the one-off special will chart some of the Weatherfield heroine’s dramatic high points as well as Kirkbride’s own off-screen story. 

So in honour of this amazing soap milestone, we’ve chosen our best Deirdre moments from down the years. And before you ask, yes, we’ve steered well clear of that one-night stand with Dev… 

The lorry smash (1979)

It was an era when no one thought twice about parking newborn babies on pub doorsteps. But Deirdre believed she’d paid a heavy price after stopping off for a chat with Mrs Walker and leaving Tracy Luv open to the elements.

The love triangle (1983) 

Ken bristles with indignation in his St Michael cardie as Deirdre fesses up to a fling with Baldwin. Bill Roache’s unscripted choking of his on-screen wife has become the stuff of TV legend. Check out Anne Kirkbride’s entirely genuine strangled yelp in this clip:

The Moroccan waiter (1995) 

Twenty-one-year-old Moroccan waiter Samir became Deirdre’s third husband, but their marriage wasn’t to last long. After receiving a canalside beating, Samir ended up donating his kidney to Tracy (a sacrifice oft-referenced since) and dying a tragic death. Deirdre ended up wishing Tracy had breathed her last rather than the love of her life.

The Weatherfield One (1998) 

Deirdre carried the can for bogus airline pilot Jon Lindsay’s fraud and ended up in the slammer, her only company being a rabid Margi Clarke (as Tyrone’s mum Jackie) and a sadistic Cell Block H-style warder called Veetch. Prime Minister Tony Blair came riding to Deirdre’s rescue by demanding her release.

The pie (2010) 

One of the funniest Street moments of all time – Deirdre gets a face full of cake after a cat fight with Gail. The pair came to blows after Deirdre’s illicit kiss with crooked cad Lewis came to light. All of which resulted in Deirdre demanding a swift exit from the Platts’ front room.