Benedict Cumberbatch – “I’m more of a Watson, Martin Freeman is more of a Sherlock”

The Sherlock actor says he's "a follower" while his co-star displays "intuitive brilliance"


When it comes to Sherlock, life doesn’t quite imitate art, according to Benedict Cumberbatch. The star of the BBC1 series say that in reality he is far more like the detective’s sidekick Watson, while Martin Freeman, who plays Sherlock’s best friend, displays more “intuitive brilliance”.


Asked which of the characters he most resembled in real life, Cumberbatch said without hesitation “Watson – I’m much more of a follower.”

And he said his co-star shared some – if not quite all – of Sherlock’s special characteristics: “Martin’s got far more intuitive brilliance and intelligence than I have,” said Cumberbatch, “otherwise that makes me sound like an asexual sociopath – not that Martin’s an asexual sociopath!”

Cumberbatch was speaking to Sherlock co-star Louise Brealey at a Radio Times sponsored event at the Cheltenham Literary Festival. Look out for more from that talk, and other sessions at the festival, later on the site.


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