What’s on TV on Saturday 28th December?

A dating show, a Norwegian crime drama and a trip to A&E…

Take Me Out

By Kelly Anne Taylor


Discover the best recommendations on telly today! From family friendly films to a range of new crime series, there is plenty for you to binge on…

Inside Out – 3pm, BBC One

This Pixar animation, suitable for the whole family, focuses on the team of five that live inside 11-year-old Riley’s head, controlling her emotions. Her brain is dominated by eternally upbeat Joy, but when Riley’s parents move to a new city, so are her emotions. An interesting and poignant exploration of the inner-workings of our minds all through the fantastical and humorous lens of a young child.

Take Me Out Emergency Services Special—5:30pm, ITV

Take Me Out Paddy McGuinness

Paddy McGuinness (and his cheesy puns) returns to help 30 female singletons, who work in the emergency services, find love. With a date in the Isle of Fernando’s on the horizon, will it be a likey or no lighty for our male hopefuls?

Alice through the Looking Glass— 6pm, BBC One

Alice returns to Wonderland to embark on another colourful adventure. Entering the fantasy land through a magical looking glass, Alice finds the Mad Hatter behaving even more peculiarly than usual. Alice uses the Chronosphere to travel back in time to discover the truth about the Hatter’s family.

The Hit List— 7:45pm, BBC One

The Hit List
BBC / Tuesdays Child

This devilishly difficult music quiz requires contestants to try and recognise as many hit songs and artists as possible. Testing their pop knowledge this year, panellists include: Scott Mills, Melvin Odoom, Vick Hope, John Barnes, Susan Calman and Chris Kamara.

Wisting— 9pm, 9:45pm, BBC Four

BBC / Cinenord / Good Company Films

This new series, set in a Norwegian town, follows detective, William Wisting (played by Sven Nordin). A serial killer has been murdering young women after keeping them prisoner in wells. Meanwhile, as festive celebrations commence, a body is found in a field of Christmas trees. FBI agents (Carrie-Anne Moss and Richie Campbell) investigate the victim’s possible links to a dangerous, wanted man.

Vera— 9pm, ITV3

Brenda Blethyn, ITV Pictures, SL
Brenda Blethyn, ITV Pictures, SL

The episode begins with a young blogger jumping off of the roof of his university after posting an angry online post about debt. He killed himself because he owed money. Or, did he? Detective Vera Stanhope arrives on campus, convinced that the boy was pushed after being beaten-up. As the plot thickens, Vera discovers that the boy was a student journalist about to expose a big story…

Casualty, 9:20pm, BBC One

Casualty - Series 34 - EP4

Viewers, be warned, this is a very bleak episode. It’s an emotional rollercoaster of a shift, with trying events impacting both patients and staff. Dylan struggles in his role as clinical lead.