How to watch Green Eggs and Ham – cast for Dr Seuss show and what it’s about

Everything you need to know about the Netflix adaptation of the Dr Seuss story

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“I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, Sam-I-Am.”


Some of the most famous words from one of the most beloved Dr Seuss stories will be familiar to millions of adults and children across the world. But now the story has become an animated children’s series on Netflix, with more green eggs, ham, Sam and Guy than ever before.

What is Green Eggs and Ham about?

Green Eggs and Ham is based on the Dr Seuss children’s story of the same name. It follows the adventures of the main characters, Guy and Sam, as they embark on a road trip to save an endangered animal from a zoo far, far, away…

Along the way they learn a number of valuable life lessons about friendship, hope, new things… and of course whether or not they like the unusual dish of green eggs and ham!

The Dr Seuss Green Eggs and Ham book inspired the series.

How can I watch Green Eggs and Ham?

The entire first season of Green Eggs and Ham is available to watch on Netflix right now.

Who is in the cast of Green Eggs and Ham?

As with many children’s animations, this show has a big voice cast that will be well-known to parents.

Green Eggs and Ham counts among its cast:

Michael Douglas, Adam Devine, Keegan-Michael Key, Eddie Izzard, Diane Keaton, Jillian Bell, Ilana Glazer, Jeffery Wright, John Turturro, Daveed Diggs and Tracy Morgan.

How many episodes are there in season 1?

Season 1 of the show has 13 episodes that range between 27 and 28 minutes in length each.

Is there a trailer?

What aged children is Green Eggs and Ham appropriate for?

The show is rated U, meaning it is deemed suitable for all ages. However, the maturity ratings from Netflix say the full series contains “very mild threat, slapstick, language” so parents may wish to view the show to check its suitability for young children.


Is there going to be a second season of Green Eggs and Ham?

At present Netflix has made no announcement about a second season of the show.