David Hasselhoff to front documentary about 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall

Hasselhoff vs. the Berlin Wall will air on National Geographic Channel


The former Baywatch actor and pop star is worshipped in Germany, so who better to present a one-hour special about the fall of the Berlin Wall?


In Hasselhoff vs. the Berlin Wall, the Hoff will explain his connection to this significant moment in time.

In 1989, Hasselhoff witnessed history; he was invited to perform on the broken barrier on New Year’s Eve, in front of millions of people.

His new show will take viewers on his personal journey back to Berlin, he will retrace the history of the wall and meet people affected by the barrier constructed by the German Democratic Republic in 1961.

His 1989 single Looking for Freedom became an unofficial anthem that united east and west of Germany.

“Looking for freedom behind the Berlin Wall, I discovered so much more”, said Hasselhoff.

“I witnessed firsthand the horror and the pain the East Germans experienced throughout their unwavering fight for freedom. They are an inspiration to us all, and I am proud beyond words to present their saga to the world in partnership with National Geographic Channel.”

Hamish Mykura, executive vice president and head of international content for NatGeo, explained, “Hasselhoff vs. the Berlin Wall brings to life the extraordinary triumph over tyranny that sent the wall crashing down, while also weaving together an inspiring and surprisingly personal narrative of how David’s unique story fits into the Berlin Wall’s big picture.”

Hasselhoff vs. the Berlin Wall will premiere in the US on National Geographic and air in 171 countries worldwide, later this year.


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