Mark Gatiss makes first Game of Thrones appearance

Get a first look at the Sherlock star in a tantalising trailer for a dramatic episode six


Episode six of Game of Thrones looks like being a big one judging by the trailer, so take this as a *spoiler alert* and don’t read on if you’re not up to date with series four.


Among the major events coming up in the portentously-titled The Laws of Gods and Men are Yara Greyjoy’s attempted rescue of her brother Theon – aka Reek – from the clutches of the monstrous Ramsay Snow, Tyrion’s trial for the murder of King Joffrey and – not least for cult TV fans – the first appearance of Mark Gatiss’s new character.

The Sherlock star and co-creator plays Tycho Nestoris, representative of the Iron Bank of Bravos, and in the trailer below is seen having a chat with Stannis Baratheon about – no surprise here – money. “You feel your blood gives you a claim on our gold?” asks a chilly Nestoris. “More than any man living,” replies Stannis.

And if you had the feeling there was still something missing from this mouth-watering episode, Danaerys’s dragons are back, looking bigger and fiercer than ever… 


Game of Thrones is on Mondays at 9pm on Sky Atlantic