War isn’t over in final Game of Thrones season 4 trailer

Meanwhile Cersei and Jamie get passionate while the hunt is on to find Arya Stark...


This is it. Your final glimpse of Game of Thrones before the much-anticipated fourth season hits our telly screens. 


Yes, there might be quite a bit of previously seen or heard footage. But there’s a fair amount of new stuff too, all played to the cool notes of London Grammer’s Devil Inside. 

The 75-second-long teaser sees Cersei looking angry, Tyrion looking angry… in fact, none of the Lannisters look that pleased. Perhaps because they’ve found out that the Red Viper’s in town and now they aren’t the only ones who pay their debts? Meanwhile Daenerys storms another city, and up north, plans are afoot to find the remaining Starks…

But that’s your lot – until Monday 7 April, that is… 

Game of Thrones series four starts on Monday 7 April at 9:00pm on Sky Atlantic