Game of Thrones season 4 trailer: Characters consumed by power, vengeance and justice

Sansa, Jon, Cersei, Stannis and Daenerys Targaryen star in another glimpse at series four of the hit HBO fantasy series


Your latest glimpse of Game of Thrones series 4 is something of a serious one. 


There are barely any bloodied swords or bared chests. Instead the characters are battling with deeper themes – those of power, vengeance and justice. 

The 90-second trailer has a distressed Sansa dealing with the aftermath of the Red Wedding, which saw long-running characters, and fan favourites, Rob and Catelyn Stark brutally murdered.

Jon Snow realises how much has changed, and probably how many of his family members have perished, since he first entered Castle Black, saying, “the world has fallen apart.” 

Meanwhile Stannis declares that his time is running out – “I will not become a page in someone else’s history book” – Daenerys says she needs to be more than a Targaryen and a mother of dragons if she is to win the war, and Cersei laments her inability to protect the ones she loves while her father Tywin sits on the Iron Throne. 

On a lighter note, have you seen how big those dragons have got?!

Game of Thrones series four starts on Monday 7 April at 9:00pm on Sky Atlantic