Coronation Street spoilers: "The nice Todd has well and truly gone" - Bruno Langley interview

"He’s come back to wreak a bit of havoc," adds the actor

Coronation Street spoilers: "The nice Todd has well and truly gone" - Bruno Langley interview
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Todd Grimshaw returns to the street in next week’s episodes, but will he still be the apple of mum Eileen’s (Sue Cleaver) eye?

Before the wanderer returns, Eileen receives a visit from her son’s angry boyfriend Alex, who is demanding answers after being ripped off and dumped by Todd.

And when Todd eventually gets back to Weatherfield, he’s quick to layer lie upon lie as he bids to cover up his bad behaviour. So what are the reasons for Todd’s transformation from upright young man into a swindling arch manipulator? Actor Bruno Langley explains all:

How does it feel to be back on the Street?
It’s great. Everyone has been really friendly and welcoming. You forget how well you know everyone - part of me feels like I’ve never been away and the other half can’t believe how much things have changed. It’s a lot faster than it used to be with more crews filming, but it’s been lovely to see all the old faces again and meet the new ones.

What’s changed in Todd’s world since we last saw him?
Todd has blown it in a big way in London. He had a good job and now that’s gone. He had a nice boyfriend and now that’s gone. He’s fallen on hard times and that’s why he’s come back. He’s burnt all his bridges and the only place left for him to go is home.

Will people be shocked by how different he is?
I think it will be a nice surprise because people know Todd as a nice guy, as that’s who he was. I think Todd must have been hurt in some way in past relationships and that’s why he is like he is now. I think he’s come back to wreak a bit of havoc.

Is Todd worried about how people are going to react to his return?
It’s so long ago that he’s kind of forgotten himself and a lot has happened since. He’s been in London, he’s been doing all these things and he’s come back to a small town where people remember things and hold grudges. But yet he has moved on and gained a lot more confidence.

So what’s his relationship with Jason now like?
A bit frosty. Jason doesn’t really welcome Todd back with open arms. I think Jason’s quite dubious and he’s not quite sure what Todd’s intentions are. He’s more questioning as to why Todd is staying around and why he’s acting so horribly.  Jason’s always had a problem with Todd being the golden boy, but I think that could all change. The tables have turned, which is good and more interesting.

Tell us about your first day back on set…
Antony Cotton took me under his. We had a short scene on the Street, which I found quite hard. I’ve been doing theatre for a year and coming back and having one rehearsal and then shooting it - well it all felt very quick. It took me about a week to get back in the swing of it. but doing lots of scenes in the Grimshaws as a family unit kind of cemented me back into the show.

Does he feel any remorse for lying to Eileen?
Todd’s putting himself first, but I think he will feel some remorse for lying to Eileen. He’s come back with a lot of confidence about who he is and what he’s about and he thinks he’s too good for Weatherfield.

So how does he react when he discovers Alex has filled Eileen in on his bad behaviour?
He’s mainly angered by Alex for coming all the way up to Manchester to blurt out all of Todd’s lies. So he’s annoyed that he’s been caught out in front of his mum. He likes being seen as the better brother and doesn’t want to go down in Eileen’s estimation.I don’t think he’s as bothered about the other residents thinking well of him but he does want his mum to think highly of him.

How does Todd manipulate Sean and Eileen to get back on side with them?
Todd can be very nice and charming when he wants to be and has a way of being able to get people on his side. He’s very clever and can turn things around so that the other person thinks it’s their fault. He’s quick with his answers and he knows that Sean fancies him so he uses that against him. He manipulates Sean into speaking to Eileen and his plan works. Eileen wants him to stay, which makes Todd very pleased with himself.

And then there’s Nick – how does he feel about seeing him? After all he id make that pass at him all those years ago?
He’s not worried about seeing Nick. Todd’s accepted who he is and I think he just expects that others will too. It was a long time ago and he’s probably hoping Nick’s got over it. He’s a bit naïve though to just walk into the Bistro - and as soon as Nick and Gail turn up, he’s immediately confronted by the past. He didn’t think it through very well.

The show’s producer, Stuart Blackburn, has hinted that Todd might spell trouble for Marcus and Maria. What can you tell us about that?
He has his eye on Marcus and he’s out to get what he wants. He likes a challenge and I guess he’s probably one of those people who likes the drama of splitting couples up. It’s all for his own ego and just to prove that he can.

And what does the future hold for Todd?
Well, I think that the nice Todd has well and truly gone, but I quite like the road he’s going on. It wouldn’t be right for Todd to have come back exactly the same as when he left because people change. I expect there’s a lot of drama ahead.