Doctor Who: Want to own David Tennant’s sonic screwdriver?

Well soon you can - but you'll have to get in line behind the actor himself, because he's got first dibs on the latest gadget


Doctor Who fans will be given the chance to own an exact replica of David Tennant’s sonic screwdriver this Christmas – modeled on the actor’s own used in the series.


The device, which costs around £70 and can control audio and TV devices, will go on sale next month and has been modeled on the only remaining sonic screwdriver used in the filming of the show.

Tennant agreed to lend his souvenir to Andrew Green and Richard Blakesley of The Wand Company, which produces the replicas, after the BBC said that he had been given one – and admitted it had lost the spare.

“They made two and one went ‘missing’ soon after they finished filming,” says Green, who informed us that Tennant will be given the first replica once it is released onto the market early next month.

Like other devices designed by The Wand Company, this latest one is capable of operating CD players, TVs and iPod docks using gesture technology.

Last year the pair launched a remote control modeled on Matt Smith’s chunkier sonic screwdriver.

“Older fans in particular like this because a lot of the merchandise is aimed at smaller kids,” added Blakeley. “Some were saying that this is the thing they had been waiting all their lives for.”

The pair say that fans have asked them to replicate the screwdrivers of other Doctors including Tom Baker’s chunky device with its trademark red halo at the top.

“We have a lot of work on but we are thinking about it,” said Green.

Other Doctor Who merchandise launched this week by BBC Worldwide includes a Doctor Who onesie, a Tardis duvet cover and figurines of all the characters.

In addition there is a Doctor Who teapot, travel mug, a water bottle, a dressing gown with Tom Baker scarf pattern on the inside collar, a Tardis cupcake kit and a Dalek cake stand.

Aimed to coincide with this November’s 50th anniversary episode BBC Worldwide says it is the largest range of Who-related merchandise ever.