The Wonder of Dogs

A new BBC2 series aims to uncover whether breed actually affects the nature and intelligence of dogs. Which gives us the perfect excuse to post fun dog videos. Naturally.


Presenters Kate Humble and Steve Leonard are to investigate whether a dog’s breed affects more than how bushy his tail is or how glossy her coat is in new BBC2 show The Wonder of Dogs.


A range of challenges await a snapshot of dogs from one local British town, asking whether breed has any bearing on their senses, abilities, instincts and intelligence.

The three-part series will air this autumn, and even goes as far as to attempt to train dogs to read.

Seems like a bit of a leap? Well it turns out our canine friends already know how to drive, surf and use Skype…

The trickster

The tidy pooch

The savvy swimmer

Doggy driver

On the dog and bone

Dogs after all have some PR to do after US chat show host Jay Leno did this…