Channel 4 buys French supernatural thriller Rebound

The new drama - also known as Les Revenants - charts the reappearance of a group of dead men, women and children and will air this summer


After the success of recent acquisitions Homeland and Revenge, Channel 4 has bought the rights to French supernatural crime-thriller Rebound (Les Revenants).


Set in a small Alpine village next to a vast dam, the series follows a group of deceased men, women and children who, after several years, find themselves in a state of confusion. Trying to return home to their loved ones, they remain unaware that they are dead and no one is expecting them back.

But their eery homecoming is complicated further by a series of gruesome local murders, bearing a chilling resemblance to the methods of a prolific serial killer from the past. The sinister development – coupled with a series of strange phenomena including recurring power cuts and the rising water level of the dam – casts a wave of suspicion over the unexplained returners. 

The eight-part series was written by Fabrice Gobert, Emmanuel Carrere and Fabien Adda and directed by Fabrice Gobert (Lights Out) and Frédéric Mermoud (Complices). The creepy drama was a critical and ratings hit when it aired on France’s Canel+ network late last year and will be broadcast in French with subtitles on C4 this summer. Watch the trailer below: