Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Spencer Pratt

Run for The Hills! It's only one half of Speidi... better known as reality TV veteran, recent bankrupt and husband of Heidi Montag...

Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Spencer Pratt
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Name: Spencer Pratt 

Age: 29

Famous for: Appearing in reality TV show The Hills and marrying Heidi Montag

Bio: Spencer Pratt first tried to break into the world of celebrity on a short-lived reality TV show called The Princes of Malibu, before he found his feet on MTV hit The Hills. 

That's where he met and wooed wife Heidi Montag. In the past the pair have been engaged, broken up, married, married again and filed for divorce before changing their minds and getting back together - so their turbulent relationship itself is bound to bring a bit of drama to the CBB house. 

Since leaving The Hills, Spencer hasn't shied away from reality TV. He appeared alongside Heidi in the US version of I'm A Celebrity - but just four days in the jungle turned Spencer into, well, a bit of a prat (see clip below) so who knows what the confines of the Big Brother house will do to him... 

In recent years Pratt has been arrested and jailed for attempting to board an aircraft with hunting weapons and penned How To Be Famous: Our Guide to Looking the Part, Playing the Press and Becoming a Tabloid Fixture with wife and fellow tabloid darling Heidi. He also recently filed for bankrupcy, so no prizes for why he and his Mrs have decided to stage their reality TV comeback now...