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Gimme Gimme Gimme

  • 2001
  • Season 3
  • 6 episodes
  • Comedy


Some people fantasise about Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Others have a crush on Johnny Depp. But as far as Tom was concerned the true figure of male perfection has always been Peak Practice's Simon Shepherd, so when he got a chance to meet his idol (sending himself up in brilliant style) it made for some wonderfully embarrassing fawning from the star-struck wannabe. Things got worse for Tom the following week when, after landing a part in a play opposite Tom Cruise, he managed to forget his one and only line on opening night. Lynda got a surprise when her son appeared out of nowhere to catch up on things. Nobody could quite believe it when he turned out to be black. Also, Suze went into labour, much to Tom and Lynda's horror. In the episode Trauma, Lynda was in hospital having fallen off a bus and having a saucepan stuck to her head. When Tom starred in his first major TV show, things went awry when an old flame from school put him a sticky predicament. Linda's dreams of becoming a model came true when Suze got her a chance to be part of a fashion showcase, not knowing it was for ugly people - and viewers finally learned who or what it is she saw when she looked in the mirror. Meanwhile, Tom got singing lessons from Heidi, a Lynda look-a-like. In the surprisingly emotional final episode, Suze thought that Jez was having an affair, so she got Lynda to go undercover to discover the truth. Meanwhile, Tom got a part on the nation's biggest soap: Crossroads, as a bellboy, and finally said goodbye to his flat-mate, leaving her alone and a trifle dejected, but doubtless preparing to bounce back.



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