Matt LeBlanc will appear in EVERY episode of Top Gear

Chris Evans confirms that Friends star LeBlanc will be his co-host, while other presenters will come and go


Matt LeBlanc will be appearing in every episode of the new series of Top Gear, his co-host Chris Evans has confirmed.


“We’re the two co-hosts so we’re on it every week, and then other people come and go as and when required”, Evans revealed during an interview about Top Gear’s relaunch with the BBC.

Until now, it was unclear how much of a role LeBlanc and the other four presenters announced earlier this month would have.

LeBlanc and Evans filmed for the first time together last Friday, racing from London to Blackpool. While the challenge may sound familiar, the pair are adamant that they won’t be trying to copy the feel of former presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May when they bring Top Gear back to TV screens in May.

“That wouldn’t be smart”, said LeBlanc.

“That would be stupid”, Evans agreed. “It’d be like trying to be Paul McCartney. There’d be no point, there’s only one Paul McCartney.”

Unlike many of Evans’s previous shows, much of Top Gear will be pre-recorded, and the presenter said this means he doesn’t have time to be nervous about the show.


“A lot of it will be in the can by the time we go to air,” said Evans, “It’s not about nerves, it’s about respect”.