Couple have a Game of Thrones themed wedding…

... where nobody dies. Thankfully.


Game of Thrones is well known for its dangerous and deadly weddings.


In fact, any resident of Westeros would be wise to write a will before preparing to say “I Do”. Of the three weddings we’ve attended during the last four seasons of the hit HBO fantasy drama, only one has seen all the guests make it to the end of the celebrations alive. 

Which is why it seems an unlikely theme to choose for your very own wedding day… 

Not that it put off Darren Prew and Kerry Ford, two Game of Thrones superfans who braved emulating the Red and Purple Weddings to tie the knot dressed as their favourite characters.

The couple transformed themselves into Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. They got married in a castle. Cut their cake with a sword. They even had a White Walker for a best man and some real wolves running around. And we’re sure you’ll all be glad to know that everyone was still alive and well at the end of the reception.


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