Charlotte Ritchie: I can definitely see a Fresh Meat film happening

The 24-year-old comedy star, who plays Oregon in the hit Channel 4 drama, says she can envisage a film set in Barbados with a generously long filming time...


It’s official. Charlotte Ritchie is on board for a Fresh Meat film.


Now, there’s a small chance she might have been joking when sat down to talk to her. But as big Fresh Meat fans, we’re willing to cling to anything she has to say about when we might get to see JP, Vod, Oregon and co again. 

Asked whether rumours of a Fresh Meat film were founded, 24-year-old Ritchie, who plays insecure undergrad Oregon in the hit Channel 4 drama, said: “I’ve heard those rumours… and they got me really excited. I can definitely see it happening.

“I can see it happening in Barbados,” she laughed, “where all our families are allowed to fly out there. And I think we film for roughly five to six months for an hour and a half film…”

Sounds good to us. 

Seriously though, according to Ritchie the only thing preventing the university dramedy, which also stars Jack Whitehall, Joe Thomas, Zawe Ashton, Greg McHugh and Kimberley Nixon, from being on our telly screens right this minute is everyone’s busy schedules. 

“Everybody wants it to,” Ritchie told us. “There’s no one saying, ‘No, we hate it.’ My Mum and Dad really want it to come back. I want it to come back because it’s a really good job and I like all the people and so does the rest of the cast, but it’s just a question of schedules.” 

Charlotte Ritchie stars in Siblings, a new BBC3 comedy coming later this year.