Love Island is officially back, and the second episode of the series continued to stir lots of drama. There were surprises and one dramatic re-coupling to wrap it all up.


So far, the group of new boys and girls have been getting to grips with the new villa, as well as hitting it off (or not) with one another.

As well as the first episode ending on a major cliffhanger with new bombshell Zachariah Noble entering the villa, episode 2 saw the South East London-based PT and basketball player stake his claim on some of the ladies, with the rest of the boys nervous over who he would pick in his re-coupling.

Didn't get to tune into Love Island last night? Well don't worry, has got a video recap above as well as a detailed brief on all the drama from episode 2.

What happened on Love Island summer 2023 last night? Episode 2 recap

The second episode continued on from the shock arrival of new bombshell Zachariah, with the boys chatting to him about his type and the girls debriefing excitedly about the new man in the villa.

It was clear that all the girls found him interesting, but Ruchee and Catherine in particular set their eyes on the newbie, enquiring about where he's from, what he does and who he has his eye on. As the boys joined back up with the girls, Zachariah stated that while looks are important, he does go for personality.

Later on, while the islanders were relaxing in the kitchen, it was clear that Catherine and Zachariah had a bit of funny banter going on, with Zachariah admitting that his top three are Ruchee, Catherine and Ella.

Catherine admitted in the beach hut: “I am enjoying getting to know André, but I feel like when Zach came in and he spoke I was like ok…he may be a bit of me…”

He kept his cards close to his chest to the rest of the villa and continued to play it cool, even on into the next day when he pulled all the girls for individual chats. From his brief conversations, it was clear he got on really well with his top three but elsewhere, some of the boys were also left reeling from the previous night's events.

Jess had obviously stepped forward from George, later saying that she doesn't feel a connection with him on a romantic level and he shared the same feeling. That day, he pulled Molly for a chat telling her that's interested in her and finds her attractive. But with Molly and Mitchel seemingly alright at the moment, will Molly's head turn for George?

Everything heated up tenfold in the first challenge of the series, Wary Tales, where the islanders had to get to grips with each other's secrets and shocking tales of their pasts.

Each Islander appeared through the window of the magical castle, then burst through the drawbridge door, and slid down the slippery woodland path. Whilst sliding, they had to grab a key to unlock the book containing a secret story on one of the Islanders. After reciting a ‘wary tale’, they then kissed the Islander they thought it belonged to, before all is revealed on the magical mirror.

Islanders either played it safe with their couples or decided to share a kiss with the person they had their eyes on, including Zachariah sharing a kiss with Catherine and Jess kissing Tyrique. But André and the rest of the boys were also surprised to learn that Catherine was the one who had kissed five boys on a night out.

The episode ended in a typically dramatic fashion also, with Zachariah having to make his big decision as to who he'd couple up with. After admitting to Catherine earlier in the night that he really likes her, and after a very awkward encounter with André where he got a little territorial over her, Zachariah ended up re-coupling with Catherine.

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But with André now vulnerable, what does that mean for him going forward now in the villa? We'll just have to wait and see.

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