The Modern Warfare 2 reboot is here and has broken all sorts of sales records and garnered mostly impressive reviews - but despite its popularity, one feature has remained controversial.


Skill-based matchmaking, or SBMM, is a process used to group players into lobbies for online games, and has been in the Call of Duty series for years now.

However, SBMM has been debated heavily recently, and was even a topic of conversation before MW2 came out. So, here's everything you need to know about SBMM in MW2.

Does CoD MW2 have SBMM?

Yes, Call of Duty MW2 does indeed include SBMM. The feature was present in the Modern Warfare 2 beta and has now been carried over to the full release.

SBMM is a matchmaking process that groups players of a similar skill level together when creating online lobbies, with the goal of creating a fairer and more balanced multiplayer experience. This prevents much better players from being paired up with less talented players, making the game accessible and enjoyable to all, including newcomers and casual players.

However, SBMM has been the subject of backlash from players and streamers online, who claim that it is difficult to play casually anymore as they are consistently grouped with high-skilled players which makes for a more stressful experience. It has also been suggested that random matchmaking makes for more varied and dynamic matches, which would work better as streaming content.

Whatever your thoughts on SBMM, it looks as if the controversial feature is here to stay - especially since MW2 is expected to be the first Call of Duty with two years of support.

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