Star Trek: Voyager is the most re-watched Star Trek series on Netflix

And 177 people have watched all 695 episodes - that's 22 days - of the entire franchise in the last year

Janeway - Star Trek Voyager

In honour of the release of Star Trek: Discovery later this month and today’s 51st anniversary of the franchise, Netflix has loosened its vice-like grip on Star Trek viewer statistics and shared some interesting data with the public, highlighting the dedication of British Trekkies by revealing the number of people who have polished off the entire franchise as well the 10 most re-watched episodes of all time across the world..


Believe it or not, 177 nerds proud Britons can count themselves among the most devoted Star Trek fans in the country, after binge-watching all 695 episodes of the franchise since the episodes all came to the streaming service last year.

That amounts to 536 hours – or 22 days – in just over a year, since the collection dropped in July 2016. It sounds like a lot, but considering that Netflix shared earlier this year that their users had spent BILLIONS of hours bingeing Adam Sandler movies – something tells me they don’t mean Punch Drunk Love – there are certainly worse ways to spend your time.

The data-analysts acknowledged, however, that the most-watched episodes of any show will always be the first ones in the series, and so with that in mind they have also shared the most re-watched episodes of the Star Trek franchise to give us a better insight into which episodes are the most beloved by Netflix Trekkies (Nekkies?) around the world – not just in the UK, this time.

It turns out that the most re-visited episode on Netflix is Star Trek: Voyager’s Endgame, Parts 1 & 2, the final episode of the series and the farewell to beloved captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew).

In second and third were two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the beloved Patrick Stewart series which aired in the late 1980s – The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2, the first episode of season four, and its predecessor The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1, the finale of season three.

And overall Star Trek: Voyager is the most re-watched series on Netflix, a fact represented by its dominance in the top 10, with six episodes to The Next Generation’s four.

Check out the full list below:

1. Star Trek Voyager –  season 7, episode 24: Endgame, Parts 1 & 2

2. Star Trek: The Next Generation – season 4, episode 1: The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2

3. Star Trek: The Next Generation – season 3, episode 26:  The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1

4. Star Trek Voyager –  season 4, episode 1: Scorpion, Part 2

5. Star Trek Voyager –  season 3, episode 26: Scorpion, Part 1

6. Star Trek Voyager –  season 5, episode 15: Dark Frontier, Parts 1 & 2

7. Star Trek Voyager –  season 4, episode 2: The Gift

8. Star Trek: The Next Generation – season 4, episode 14: Clues

9. Star Trek Voyager –  season 1, episode 3: Time and Again

10. Star Trek: The Next Generation – season 2, episode 16: Q-Who?


Star Trek: Discovery begins on Netflix on Monday 25th September.