Matt Smith’s best moments as the Eleventh Doctor

Here's the raggedy Doctor's best bits

Matt Smith burst onto screens in early 2010, and soon made his mark as the bumbling and almost child-like Eleventh Doctor. As time went on we saw his darker side, met one or two of his wives and even saw him die – twice.


Take a walk down memory lane for Eleven’s top moments – it’ll be worth your while, we swear.


10. The Doctor dies – or does he?

This was a hell of a gambit. Opening Matt Smith’s second series with an older version of the Doctor’s death really raised the stakes for series 6, with Smith’s performance of the condemned man gaining only more layers as the story behind his fate was revealed.

9. The Doctor stands up to an old god

Sombre and sincere, this speech from the Eleventh Doctor really emphasised the pain inside the character, despite his happy-go-lucky characteristics. Matt Smith eh? That guy can SPEECH.

8. Goodbye to Idris

Neil Gaiman’s terrific The Doctor’s Wife saw the titular Time Lord finally get the chance to talk to his beloved vessel, only for her to return to her silent form by the end of the episode and leave him bereft. In a subtle exchange, Smith and Suranne Jones really convey the decades of in-show relationship between the Doctor and his Tardis. Top stuff.

7. The drunk giraffe

Unlike his Ninth incarnation, it turns out that this version of the Doctor can’t dance at all – but that doesn’t stop him giving it his all in this fun and cathartic scene.

6. Meeting the Tenth Doctor

The Day of the Doctor was filled with so many great moments it’s hard to pick just one – but we couldn’t leave out the fantastic meeting between these two incarnations of the Doctor. David Tennant may have come in to the special riding a wave of nostalgia, but Smith more than held his own in the comedy and action stakes – and may have even imprinted his love of fezzes on his former self…

5. Getting bored with Amy and Rory

The Doctor isn’t like the rest of us, and often longs for a normal life – but in The Power of Three, it turns out (unsurprisingly) that the slower pace doesn’t really suit him…

4. Banishing the Atraxi

Matt Smith’s run on Doctor Who was perhaps a little too defined by big, bombastic speeches – but it’s hard to argue the impact this moment from the first episode had at finally introducing the fully-regenerated new incarnation. Run, indeed.

3. Regeneration speech

If there’s ever been a more heartbreaking removal of a bowtie in cultural history I demand to see it, because Matt Smith’s final farewell to Doctor Who is wonderful. A quieter moment after all the spectacle from earlier in the episode, it’s all the more effective from his sudden transition into the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi)

2. Fish fingers and custard

The Eleventh Hour is perhaps the best introductory episode a new Doctor has ever had. Funny and action-packed and oozing with pathos, it’s a brilliant 60 minutes that peaked with this hilarious and heartfelt scene. A new delicacy was born – and probably an awful lot of upset stomachs as well…


1. Defending Stonehenge

This speech is perhaps Matt Smith’s defining moment on Doctor Who. Staring down the massed forces before him, the Doctor holds court and keeps his enemies at bay – with nothing more than words. It’s no wonder this scene got Ryan Gosling to hire Smith for his debut feature – it’s fantastic stuff.