Educating Yorkshire’s Musharaf Asghar gets own TV show

Teen stole the nation’s heart as he overcame his stammer, and now he’s helping others do the same


Musharaf Asghar was one of the stand-out stars of reality hit Educating Yorkshire after, with a little help from Mr Burton, he overcame his stammer to give a speech in a school assembly. Now, he’s getting to front his own Channel 4 show in a special episode which will see him help others to do the same. 


Stammer School: Musharaf Finds His Voice will chart the progress of a group of children, as they learn to overcome their stammers. 

“I hope it will have a positive impact on other people with stammers to speak more and not give up on their dreams,” Musharaf tells the Observer. 

It’s thought if the one-off episode goes well, a series could follow. 

Musharaf will be back on our screens before this, as Educating Yorkshire returns for a one-off reunion special on Thursday. We’ll get to catch up with students collecting their GCSE results as well as find out how teacher training is going for Musharaf who’s now at college. 

“Over the last year my confidence has grown,” he says adding, “I’m not afraid to speak any more. I’m going into my second year at college, which is going well. I just want more people to be aware of stammering, and I think Educating Yorkshire helped with this.”


See Educating Yorkshire: One Year On Thursday at 9:00pm on Channel 4