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  • Brian Helgeland (2013)
  • US
  • 122 min
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2 out of 5

The title here refers to the shirt number worn by US baseball legend Jackie Robinson, who, in 1947, became the first African-American to be plucked from the "Negro League" and signed to an all-white Major League team, the Brooklyn Dodgers. His signing sparked appalling racism, both on and off the field. Relative unknown Chadwick Boseman plays Robinson, but it's Harrison Ford who draws the eye as Branch Rickey, the Dodgers' grizzly team executive who sees dollar signs at the prospect of the big black crowds he believes Robinson will bring in. Equally, though, Rickey must withstand the racist abuse that rains down as a result of his decision to sign the player. Directed by Brian Helgeland, this is a sweeping, solid biopic that's nicely acted and evocative of its time, place and prejudice. At the same time, the film, subtitled "The true story of an American legend", is just that: very American, meaning there's less to excite viewers who aren't so familiar with the sport.

Plot Summary

Biopic of baseball star Jackie Robinson, who became the first black player for a major league side when he was signed to the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. Both Robinson and the team's manager faced public condemnation and racial prejudice, which he sought to silence by winning over the fans with his sporting prowess. Starring Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford.

Cast and crew


Jackie Robinson
Chadwick Boseman
Branch Rickey
Harrison Ford
Rachel Robinson
Nicole Beharie
Leo Durocher
Christopher Meloni
Wendell Smith
Andre Holland
Pee Wee Reese
Lucas Black
Ralph Branca
Hamish Linklater
Ben Chapman
Alan Tudyk
Red Barber
John C McGinley
Dixie Walker
Ryan Merriman
Harold Parrott
T R Knight
Clay Hooper
Brett Cullen


Brian Helgeland

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
Warner Bros
Available on DVD
Released 13 Sep 2013
Certificate 12
Warner Home Video Ltd