Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction

Adrian Lyne (1987)

18 Certificate
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This is the movie that, among other things, helped create a new genre: the crazed female from hell (see Basic Instinct, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle and The Crush for prime examples). Glenn Close plays the obsessed woman driven to extreme lengths when she discovers that Michael Douglas is not going to leave his wife (Anne Archer) for her. Close is excellent in a thankless role, while Douglas established himself as the troubled icon of middle-class America, the ordinary man who would later find himself getting out of his depth in the likes of Falling Down and Disclosure. The movie's message (it's all right to have an affair as long as it's not with a nutcase) is more than a little dubious, but there is no denying its slick power and director Adrian Lyne milks the tension for all it's worth. However, he had to reshoot the movie's climax after test audiences gave the thumbs down to his first ending.


A married lawyer has a one-night stand with a business associate while his wife and children are out of town. He hopes to keep his infidelity a secret, but she is determined to continue the relationship, and begins obsessively stalking him and his unsuspecting family. Thriller, starring Michael Douglas, Glenn Close and Anne Archer.

Cast & Crew

Dan Gallagher Michael Douglas
Alex Forrest Glenn Close
Beth Gallagher Anne Archer
Arthur Fred Gwynne
Hildy Ellen Foley
Ellen Gallagher Ellen Hamilton Latzen
Jimmy Stuart Pankin
Joan Rogerson Meg Mundy
Howard Rogerson Tom Brennan
Director Adrian Lyne
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence, swearing, sex scenes, nudity. Available on: video and DVD