Black Widow

Black Widow

Armand Mastroianni (2007)

15 Certificate


Our Score
The bland and unconvincing scripting of this thriller does a hackneyed storyline no favours, as an LA photojournalist (Alicia Coppola) immediately suspects her best pal's beautiful new girlfriend (Elizabeth Berkley) of nefarious deeds. Gut instinct provides the lame explanation for this obsessive distrust - and lots of other implausible behaviour - prompting a repetitive, secret investigation that allows all the genre's stylistic and narrative clichés to be trotted out. To his credit, seasoned TV-movie director Armand Mastroianni injects a modicum of tension into some of the predictable snooping scenes, but generally falls down by relying on score for atmosphere. The sinister music that erupts every time black widow Berkley appears on screen is particularly lazy and ridiculous, especially when even the feature's climax lacks the excitement to warrant such audio drama.


Photojournalist Melanie becomes jealous when her wealthy male friend gets engaged. But as she tries to dig up some dirt on his fiancee, she realises her love rival may actually be a murderer, who has married a series of rich men and killed them to claim the inheritance. Thriller, starring Elizabeth Berkley, Alicia Coppola and Randall Batinkoff.

Cast & Crew

Olivia Elizabeth Berkley
Mel Alicia Coppola
Lucas Brady Smith
Henry Jeremy Howard
Tiffany Collins Barbara Niven
Director Armand Mastroianni
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence and sex scenes.