Kim Tate (Claire King) turned the tables on Caleb Miligan (William Ash) in tonight's Emmerdale (7th June), revealing an unlikely allegiance with Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) in the process.


Caleb had been plotting to steal from Kim's bank accounts, and was thoroughly confident in his scheming. But he didn't count on his son Nicky (Lewis Cope) having a conscience, admitting to bride-to-be Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) that he couldn't marry her that day as he's gay.

Nicky was only with Gabby in order to access her cut of Home Farm, but while he was backtracking on the arrangements, Caleb was wrongfooted when Kim ordered him to tell half-brother Cain that the field where Moira's (Natalie J Robb) daughter Holly was buried would now be included in the deal to buy the farm.

Although hesitant to deliver this message, Caleb ultimately did so. Cain was not happy, and refused point blank. But, just as Cain was walking away, we saw him pause and remove something from his pocket, before telling Caleb that he was now agreeing to the deal.

Lewis Cope as Nicky and Rosie Bentham as Gabby in Emmerdale
Lewis Cope as Nicky and Rosie Bentham as Gabby in Emmerdale ITV

Back at Home Farm, Caleb gloated to Kim that he had played Cain perfectly; just as a distraught Gabby was consoled by Kim's husband Will Taylor (Dean Andrews). When Caleb got wind of Nicky's confession, he confronted his son at the stables, punching him hard for ruining his plans.

Now that Caleb wouldn't be able to use the wedding as a distraction to clear Kim's bank accounts, he ordered a terrified Nicky to take the blame when he did so.

Caleb then called Adrian as he desperately scrambled to control the situation, before hovering while Kim was poised to transfer the funds for the purchase of Butler's Farm. When Kim joined Will to look for Gabby, Caleb sprung into action and grabbed her laptop, ready to enter all the passwords he had secretly noted down.

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At the stables, Gabby found Nicky and, despite her distress, she was shocked to see that he had been attacked. Demanding answers to why he had hurt her so unnecessarily, Gabby insisted on cleaning him up.

Meanwhile, Caleb logged into Kim's account, only to find that it was now empty. Kim then walked in, admitting she had been waiting outside the door for him to make his discovery. "Have some dignity," she told him when he denied being up to no good. "Know when to give up."

Kim then explained that every penny of the money he was trying to get his hands on was safely hidden away. When Cain arrived, Caleb was initially relieved - until his brother strong-armed him into staying put, as Kim informed him that Cain knew everything. Will Caleb talk his way out of this? It seems unlikely...

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