Mel makes big new discovery about Ray on EastEnders after meeting with his wife Maddie?

Just what is Mel planning?

Mel and Maddie on EastEnders

Is EastEnders’s Mel Owen (Tamzin Outhwaite) setting Ray Kelly (Sean Mahon) up for a big fall? Ever since she found out that the undercover police officer is hiding some sizeable secrets, fans of the BBC1 soap have been wondering what Mel’s plan for her fella is. As we’ve already seen, Mel has now suggested to Ray that they renew their vows despite secretly discovering out he’s actually also married to someone else. And it looks as though more secrets about Ray’s life will be revealed when Mel arranges to meet up with his other wife Maddie (Robyn Page) in an upcoming episode.


The upcoming drama – to be shown on Tuesday 27 November – will see Mel become ever-more determined to find out more about Ray’s secret family, ultimately deciding to contact Maddie under the pretence of starting personal training sessions with her. After rendezvousing at the Queen Vic, Mel does seem digging on Ray, but is careful to keep her true identity under wraps. But as Mel keeps the drinks flowing, will she finally get the information she’s after?

EastEnders - October - December 2018 - 5819

All we know so far is that we appear to be building towards some New Year wedding drama, with both Tamzin Outhwaite and Sean Mahon having recently been glimpsed out on location filming scenes in which Mel and Ray get ready to tie the knot again. But will these nuptials go as badly as the last time Mel decided to get hitched at New Year. Millennium? Ian Beale? Ringing any bells?


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