Sergio Corbucci (1966)

15 Certificate


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Switching effortlessly from the gritty realism of the mud-splattered streets to the stylised violence of the machine-gun shoot-outs, this superior spaghetti western from Sergio Corbucci owes as much to the Japanese samurai film as it does to the Hollywood horse opera. Franco Nero stars as the avenging angel who uses the armoury he keeps in a coffin to settle the feud between Mexican general Angel Alvarez and Civil War veteran Jose Bodalo and his red-hooded horsemen. Packed with floggings, ambushes and robberies, with a little mud-wrestling and ear-eating thrown in for good measure, this is not one for the faint-hearted.


A mysterious stranger arouses suspicion when he arrives in a small town on the Mexican border, bringing a coffin in his wake. When he attempts to save a woman from bandits, he finds himself drawn into a feud between the outlaws and racist American thugs. But it is not long before he gets a chance to prove he's a merciless force to be reckoned with. Spaghetti Western, starring Franco Nero, Angel Alvarez and Loredana Nusciak. Dubbed in English.

Cast & Crew

Django Franco Nero
Maria Loredana Nusciak
General Hugo Rodriguez José Bódalo
Nathaniel the bartender Angel Alvarez
Major Jackson Eduardo Fajardo
Director Sergio Corbucci
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Other Information

Language: Italian dubbedColourGuidance: Contains violence.Available on: video and DVD