How to get the PS5 filter on Instagram – Trick your friends into thinking you have one already

The PS5 is right around the corner...

ps5 console

As we all wait for the PS5 to finally be ours after what feels like a lifetime of anticipation, some just cannot wait to show the console off- even if they do not actually own it yet.


Thanks to a new filter on Instagram, you can now make it look like you have the console in the box and ready to open and many are doing just that.

The console is due to be released here on November 19th and we have the list of all the PS5 games that you will be able to play on it, along with the latest on PS5 pre-orders and stock if you want to try and get one on release day.

As for the Xbox Series X, that was released yesterday and we have all details on the Xbox Series X games that can be played too.

How to get the PS5 filter

ps5 filter
  • Head on over to Instagram and click on add to your story
  • At the bottom of the screen are the filter icons- scroll through these.
  • At the end of this list, you will see a magnifying glass with the title “browse effects”
  • Give that a click, then look for a second magnifying glass up in the rip right corner which will show you a search bar when clicked.
  • Type ‘PS5 box’ and select it
  • Choose the box effect you like the most and click on ‘Try it’
  • Turn on your camera (make sure it’s the rear one) and take a picture of your surface of choice
  • Now you will see your PS5 box filter! Angle it and move it around so it looks how you want it and then take the picture.
  • You’re all done! Just upload the picture and let the ruse begin!

The next step is seeing how many of your friends you can fool with the trick- have fun!

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