The Brokenwood Mysteries

The Scarecrow

Series 4 - Episode 3 The Scarecrow



There’s considerable distraction from the death of an organic farmer this week in the form of an unsung hero of the NZ drama, namely the scenery. Goodness, it’s gorgeous - rolling hills, lush pastures, lovely woodland. But we’re brought back down to earth with a bump when two local kids discover the scarecrow in an orchard isn’t made just of straw.

Soon we’re into a complex murder investigation, with identical twins, hostile neighbours and arguments over manuka honey classification all in the mix. And the sultry looks between detective Sims and plumber Kahu Taylor surely must be going somewhere. Surely?


Philip Henderson is found dead in his field following an altercation the previous day with his neighbour Doug Randall about his failed crop. Suspicion falls on the neighbour and his new wife, who was known to have had ongoing problems with Philip over his unpaid bar tab at her pub. However, as Mike and the team dig further into the mystery more suspects come into play. Neill Rea stars.

Cast & Crew

Mike Shepherd Neill Rea
Kristin Sims Fern Sutherland
Jared Morehu Pana Hema Taylor
DC Breen Nic Sampson
Gina Cristina Serban Ionda
Doug Randall Peter Tait
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