• PG
  • Jafar Panahi (2006)
  • Iran (SUB)
  • 87 min
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4 out of 5

The football movie comes of age in writer/director Jafar Panahi's (The Circle) forthright, funny and fascinating satire. Set during the qualifying stages of the 2006 World Cup, the film follows a group of young women who disguise themselves as men in order to gain illegal access to a crucial game between Iran and Bahrain in Tehran. As the unmasked girls are apprehended and guarded by a unit of reluctant rural recruits, Panahi explores a wide range of social issues, while never losing sight of the unifying power of sport - something that proves vital to the exhilarating (if somewhat contrived) dénouement. Superbly played by the non-professional cast, this is an intriguing glimpse at the realities behind the propaganda issued by both Tehran and its western opponents. But, above all, it offers a courageous insight into the extent of institutionalised chauvinism in Iran and the rising tide of juvenile disquiet against the strictures of Islamic law.

Plot Summary

Comedy drama. Reluctant army recruits are sent to guard a group of Iranian girls who have broken the law by trying to get into a World Cup qualifying match disguised as men.

Cast and crew


First girl
Sima Mobarak Shahi
Azari soldier
Safar Samandar
Smoking girl
Shayesteh Irani
Mashadi soldier
M Kheyrabadi
Girl soccer player
Ida Sadeghi
Girl with chador
Golnaz Farmani
Soldier girl
Mahnaz Zabihi


Jafar Panahi

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Farsi +subtitles
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Artificial Eye
Some violence and swearing.
Available on DVD
Released 9 Jun 2006
Certificate PG
Artificial Eye Film Co. Ltd