The Europa League is growing in prestige, becoming a competitive tournament that teams actually want to win.


Gone are the days of scoffing the 'Thursday night club'; the second-tier European competition has drawn huge names in recent years, each determined to go all the way.

Sevilla continued their outrageous dominance of the competition last season with their fifth triumph since 2014. All seven of their Europa League/UEFA Cup trophies have been earned since 2006.

This season's edition of the competition sees Liverpool as the favourites to conquer, while fellow Premier League rivals Brighton will seek to make the most of their maiden voyage abroad.

Last year's runners-up Roma will return seeking vengeance under the stewardship of Jose Mourinho, while Europa Conference League winners West Ham earned a place in the second-tier competition as a result of their heroics.

They will be joined by a host of Champions League teams following the group stages. brings you the complete Europa League TV schedule, including every game you can watch live in the UK.

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Europa League TV schedule 2023/24

All UK time. Subject to change.

Matchday 2

Thursday 5th October

Freiburg v West Ham (5:45pm) TNT Sports

TSC v Olympiacos (5:45pm) TNT Sports

Marseille v Brighton (5:45pm) TNT Sports

AEK Athens v Ajax (5:45pm) TNT Sports

Real Betis v Sparta Prague (5:45pm) TNT Sports

Aris Limassol v Rangers (5:45pm) TNT Sports

Sporting CP v Atalanta (5:45pm) TNT Sports

Raków Czestochowa v Sturm Graz (5:45pm) TNT Sports

Liverpool v Union SG (8pm) TNT Sports

Toulouse v LASK (8pm) TNT Sports

Villarreal v Rennes (8pm) TNT Sports

Maccabi Haifa v Panathinaikos (8pm) TNT Sports

Roma v Servette (8pm) TNT Sports

Slavia Prague v Sheriff Tiraspol (8pm) TNT Sports

Molde v Leverkusen (8pm) TNT Sports

Häcken v Qarabağ (8pm) TNT Sports

Matchday 3

Thursday 26th October

Olympiacos v West Ham (5:45pm)

TSC v Freiburg (5:45pm)

Marseille v AEK Athens (5:45pm)

Sparta Prague v Rangers (5:45pm)

Aris Limassol v Real Betis (5:45pm)

Sturm Graz v Atalanta (5:45pm)

Raków Czestochowa v Sporting CP (5:45pm)

Brighton v AFC Ajax (5:45pm)

Molde v Häcken (5:45pm)

Union SG v LASK (8pm)

Liverpool v Toulouse (8pm)

Villarreal v Maccabi Haifa (8pm)

Panathinaikos v Rennes (8pm)

Roma v Slavia Prague (8pm)

Sheriff Tiraspol v Servette (8pm)

Leverkusen v Qarabağ (8pm)

Matchday 4

Thursday 9th November

LASK v Union SG (5:45pm)

Toulouse v Liverpool (5:45pm)

Rennes v Panathinaikos (5:45pm)

Maccabi Haifa v Villarreal (5:45pm)

Servette v Sheriff Tiraspol (5:45pm)

Slavia Prague v Roma (5:45pm)

Qarabağ v Leverkusen (5:45pm)

Ajax v Brighton (5:45pm)

Häcken v Molde (8pm)

Freiburg v TSC (8pm)

West Ham v Olympiacos (8pm)

AEK Athens v Marseille (8pm)

Real Betis v Aris Limassol (8pm)

Rangers v Sparta Prague (8pm)

Atalanta v Sturm Graz (8pm)

Sporting CP v Raków Czestochowa (8pm)

Matchday 5

Thursday 30th November

Freiburg v Olympiacos (5:45pm)

TSC v West Ham (5:45pm)

AEK Athens v Brighton (5:45pm)

Sparta Prague v Real Betis (5:45pm)

Atalanta v Sporting CP (5:45pm)

Sturm Graz v Raków Czestochowa (5:45pm)

Maccabi Haifa v Rennes (5:45pm)

Marseille v Ajax (8pm)

Rangers v Aris Limassol (8pm)

Liverpool v LASK (8pm)

Toulouse v Union SG (8pm)

Villarreal v Panathinaikos (8pm)

Servette v Roma (8pm)

Sheriff Tiraspol v Slavia Prague (8pm)

Molde v Qarabağ (8pm)

Häcken v Leverkusen (8pm)

Matchday 6

Thursday 14th December

Union SG v Liverpool (5:45pm)

LASK v Toulouse (5:45pm)

Rennes v Villarreal (5:45pm)

Panathinaikos v Maccabi Haifa (5:45pm)

Roma v Sheriff Tiraspol (5:45pm)

Slavia Prague v Servette (5:45pm)

Leverkusen v Molde (5:45pm)

Qarabağ v Häcken (5:45pm)

West Ham v Freiburg (8pm)

Olympiacos v TSC (8pm)

Ajax v AEK Athens (8pm)

Brighton v Marseille (8pm)

Real Betis v Rangers (8pm)

Aris Limassol v Sparta Prague (8pm)

Sporting CP v Sturm Graz (8pm)

Raków Czestochowa v Atalanta (8pm)

Europa League TV rights 2023/24

TNT Sports has taken over from BT Sport as the primary broadcaster of Europa League football in the UK.

There are multiple ways to get TNT Sports. If you already have BT Broadband, you can add TNT Sports to your existing contract from just £18 per month. You can add the 'Big Sport' package for £40 per month, which includes all TNT Sports and 11 Sky Sports channels via a NOW pass.

You can sign up from £29.99 per month with a discovery+ Premium monthly pass which includes TNT Sports.

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