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Stacey Dooley reveals what she learned filming series two of Sleeps Over - and the toughest moment over the years

Stacey's snoozing in more spare rooms this series.

Stacey Dooley - Strictly Come Dancing
Published: Wednesday, 28th April 2021 at 9:11 pm

It's a busy time for Stacey Dooley, after popping up in the Bake Off tent (where she made a memorable biscuit tribute to Gloria Estefan) and presenting addictive new BBC One series This Is My House.


Now she's preparing to launch series two of W's Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over, the programme that sees Dooley meeting interesting people and staying at their houses for eye-opening weekends.

Speaking at a virtual BAFTA Q&A this evening, Dooley has been talking about the new series and revealing the moments that have stayed with her after filming over the years.

"This sounds really cheesy but you take something from every single family, so even when I’m not sure I’m on the same page as them, hours later they'll show a really beautiful trait or be lovely with their husband," she says. "Often it’s food for thought.

"In the previous series we had a family who were massive on social media and they were earning loads of money, but what made them interesting is that their kids were growing up online since they were babies, so you could argue that they’d never given consent. It makes you think, if I were to have kids would I put them on insta? But I guess you’re so proud, you’re desperate to show them off."

Dooley reveals there is one family from the series, who tested her patience. "Probably the most awkward weekend was with a family with child-led parenting, so whatever the child said more or less went. That meant no set bed time, they didn’t have set meals, they could have chocolate for breakfast, they didn’t have to learn to read or write in a traditional sense and they weren’t into modern medicine.

"[The mum] was saying to me in her kitchen at the time that she wanted to travel to different continents, but she wouldn’t give [the children] malaria tablets and I was sort of cringing at that statement, because I’ve seen children die from malaria. You have this romanticised idea about travelling the world but you don’t know how fortunate we are to have medicine at our disposal. That was obscene!"


Series two of Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over starts on UKTV’s W Channel on Monday 3rd May at 10pm. See what else is on with our TV Guide or visit our dedicated Documentaries hub for more news.


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