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Exclusive – Maeva awkwardly meets her ex's new fling Inga in Made in Chelsea first-look

Miles's ex Maeva has some choice words for the new girl dating him in tonight's episode of Made in Chelsea.

Made in Chelsea
Published: Monday, 26th April 2021 at 8:00 am

Tonight's episode of Made in Chelsea is set to leave fans cringing as Maeva meets Inga, the new cast member romantically seeing her ex Miles.

Advertisement can reveal an exclusive clip from tonight's episode, teasing the moment Maeva D'Ascanio bumps into new face Inga Valentiner, who's having lunch with Ollie and Gareth Locke and currently dating Maeva's ex Miles Nazaire.

After introducing herself, she immediately asks: "How long have you been with Miles?" before Inga replies, "Well, I'm not with Miles... we're just hanging out, it's quite casual at this point, we're just enjoying each other's company."

"But you know I'm Miles's ex, right?" Maeva says, before revealing that her and her ex-boyfriend are "not talking at the moment".

When Inga says that she's known Miles a couple of years but is just getting to know him now, Maeva warns: "Well, I think you're going to be surprised probably at some point but I mean, I'm not going to say anything to you, you'll discover that by yourself."

Eventually heading off, Maeva tells Inga "good luck" and leaves, before Ollie privately tells Inga and Gareth: "I think that was hideous. I think that was a really hideous conversation."

Maeva joined the Made in Chelsea cast in 2019 for the E4 reality show's 17th series, when she was introduced as Miles's ex-girlfriend who recently moved to Chelsea to work.

Their on-and-off romance has been documented on the series ever since, while her relationship with Miles's best friend James Taylor has caused tension among the trio – as seen a few weeks ago when Miles and Maeva kept speaking in French to one another in front of James.

If you're a MIC fan, you'll want to check out where the new series is being filmed, including a luxurious country home in Surrey and the Wilderness Reserve in Suffolk.


Made in Chelsea continues on Monday nights at 9pm on E4. Check out our TV Guide to find something to watch, or visit our Entertainment hub for all the latest news.


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