When is Not Going Out series 12 on TV?

Lee Mack's long-running sitcom is coming back for series 12 – here's everything you need to know.

Not Going Out

Series 11 of BBC One sitcom Not Going Out comes to an end tonight, with the show airing its last episode featuring the late Bobby Ball, who played Lee’s dad Frank.


The long-running comedy starring Lee Mack as a slacker-turned-family-man will be back for its 12th run, but what is likely to happen in the upcoming series?

The star and creator recently revealed in an interview that series 12 will open with Frank’s funeral, which he hopes will see cameos from the likes of Tommy Cannon, Sid Little and Freddie Parrot-Face Davies.

Here’s everything we know so far about Not Going Out series 12.

Not Going Out series 12 release date

In June 2019, the BBC commissioned three extra rounds of Not Going Out, which takes the show up to its 13th series – so we know series 12 is definitely confirmed.

With series 11’s final episode airing on BBC One tonight (Friday 5th February), it’s currently unknown when Lee and Lucy will be back on our screens.

With the UK still in lockdown and COVID-19, it’s difficult to predict when filming on the new series will start – however, series 11 was filmed during the pandemic in August, and so it’s possible that series 12 could be on our screens by summer 2021 at the earliest.

What will happen in Not Going Out series 12?

Not Going Out

While creator and star Lee Mack hasn’t revealed much about the upcoming series of Not Going Out, he recently said he plans to open series 12 with a funeral for Lee’s father Frank, played by Bobby Ball who passed away in October 2020 aged 76.

Speaking during a livestream for a medical fundraiser, Mack said that he hopes to invite several of Ball’s contemporaries to star in the episode, including his former comedy partner Tommy Canon.

“I’m thinking of starting the next series with a funeral. And Tommy — I’m thinking of having him as the priest, and also bring some comics of that generation.

“Bring in all his mates, as in my dad’s mates, who I’ve never met. That will be the story. I want to see a scene which opens up with Sid Little, Freddie Parrot-Face Davies, and the like, all just sitting round. It would be marvellous.”

Not Going Out series 12 cast

Not Going Out

Most of the Not Going Out cast are likely to return for series 12, including creator Lee Mack (Lee), Sally Bretton (Lucy), Deborah Grant and Geoffrey Whitehead who play Lucy’s parents Wendy and Geoffrey, as well as Hugh Dennis and Abigail Cruttenden who play Lee and Lucy’s friends Toby and Anna.

Sadly, Bobby Ball, who played Lee’s dad Frank from series three onwards, won’t be appearing in the upcoming series as the comedy legend passed away in October 2020 after contracting COVID-19.

Not Going Out series 12 trailer

The BBC has not yet released a trailer for Not Going Out series 12, but we’ll be updating this page as and when a clip arrives – so watch this space!


Not Going Out is available to stream on BBC iPlayer. Visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.