The Man with the Iron Fists

  • 18
  • RZA (2012)
  • US / HK
  • 91 min
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2 out of 5

If you are fan of 1970s kung fu action adventures in the Shaw Brothers tradition, then this heady concoction from hip-hop superstar RZA - who directs, stars and co-writes (with gore guru Eli Roth) - hits the target. But beware otherwise, because it's just average genre fare - a one-note pastiche featuring impressive wire-fu, bloody mayhem and CGI mutilation. RZA plays a village blacksmith in 19th-century China, whose forearms are replaced with death-dealing iron contraptions after they are severed by the evil Lion Clan. With the aid of mercenary Russell Crowe, warrior Rick Yune and brothel madam Lucy Liu, he sets out for revenge - with a particular focus on the monstrous, seemingly indestructible Brass Body (David Bautista), who killed the blacksmith's prostitute girlfriend. Legendary stunt choreographer Corey Yuen provides some suitably over-the-top action, the credits are authentically wobbly and there are cameos from the likes of Pam Grier and martial arts screen legend Gordon Liu. Crowe and Liu bring an entertaining gusto to their formulaic roles, while RZA (making his directorial debut) enlivens a predictable finale with operatic melodrama and split-screen techniques.

Plot Summary

An American settles in a village in feudal China, making weapons for various feuding clans of warriors. When a shipment of gold is brought to the town, the conflict between the factions erupts into chaos, and the blacksmith must fight to defend his home. Martial arts adventure, directed by and starring RZA. With Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu.

Cast and crew


Jack Knife
Russell Crowe
Madam Blossom
Lucy Liu
The Blacksmith
Lady Silk
Jamie Chung
Bronze Lion
Cung Le
Zen Yi / The X-Blade
Rick Yune
Brass Body
Dave Bautista
The Abbott
Gordon Liu
Pam Grier



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Contains violence and swearing.
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 7 Dec 2012
Certificate 18