As excitement reaches boiling point ahead of this week's new episode of Doctor Who, The Star Beast, so too does excitement for the new spiritual successor to Doctor Who: Confidential, Doctor Who: Unleashed.


We've already got our first look at the new format, as a mini episode aired covering the recent Children in Need scene Destination: Skaro.

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In the first episode of the behind-the-scenes show, which gives viewers a look at the making of the programme, as well as exclusive interviews with the cast and crew, Russell T Davies confirmed a big change made to classic villain Davros.

Davies said: "We had long conversations about bringing Davros back, because he's a fantastic character, [but] time and society and culture and taste has moved on.

"And there's a problem with the Davros of old in that he's a wheelchair user, who is evil. And I had problems with that. And a lot of us on the production team had problems with that, of associating disability with evil. And trust me, there's a very long tradition of this.

"I'm not blaming people in the past at all, but the world changes, and when the world changes, Doctor Who has to change as well. So we made the choice to bring back Davros without the facial scarring and without the wheelchair – or his support unit, which functions as a wheelchair."

Meanwhile, the show's host Steffan Powell recently spoke with about how it differs from Doctor Who: Confidential, to which he said: "There are certainly elements of Confidential in it, of course, because it's a behind-the-scenes programme that is there on set.

"What I would say with our show, what's slightly different with Unleashed, is that we're coming at it from a slightly different perspective. As brilliant as Doctor Who: Confidential was, I feel like it was a Who brand that was made by and made for Doctor Who fans that were already invested in the world and in the universe.

"So if you could name the actors from William Hartnell all the way through, then you were probably watching Doctor Who: Confidential... what we're trying to do with Unleashed, which is partly why I was asked to present it, is that we're saying, this as a programme that is a love letter to the making of Doctor Who, absolutely.

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"There's loads in there for engaged Doctor Who fans. But this has to be programme for more than just that audience. It has to be for new fans as well, to open the door to Doctor Who to new viewers and a new audiences."

But when will the first full length episode of the new show arrive? Read on for everything we know so far about Doctor Who: Unleashed.

Doctor Who: Unleashed release date

David Tennant with the crew in Doctor Who: Unleashed
David Tennant with the crew in Doctor Who: Unleashed. BBC Studios/Alistair Heap

While a mini episode of Doctor Who: Unleashed is available to watch now, having debuted after the Children in Need scene Destination: Skaro, the first full episode will premiere immediately after the opening chapter of the 60th anniversary specials, The Star Beast.

The Star Beast will air at 6:30pm on Saturday 25th November on BBC One, meaning Doctor Who: Unleashed will follow at 7:30pm on BBC Three.

The next episode, following Wild Blue Yonder, will air at 7:25pm on BBC Three on Saturday 2nd December.

What is Doctor Who: Unleashed about?

Director Rachel Talalay with Russell T Davies for Doctor Who: Unleashed
Director Rachel Talalay with Russell T Davies for Doctor Who: Unleashed. BBC Studios/Sally Mais

Doctor Who: Unleashed is a behind-the-scenes companion show to the BBC's legendary sci-fi drama, chronicling how each new episode is made through interviews with the cast and crew.

It is a spiritual successor to Doctor Who: Confidential, which enjoyed a celebrated run between 2005 and 2011.

Russell T Davies, Doctor Who showrunner, explained: “Over the years, I meet so many people who were inspired to find careers in TV, because of the behind-the-scenes material the BBC would show.

"And now it’s back, in the grand old tradition of Doctor Who Confidential, but in a brand new form, Unleashed! So a whole new generation – and faithful fans of old – can see what the stars and the crew get up to behind the cameras."

Executive producer Jo Pearce added: "This series gives audiences access to all areas, led brilliantly by Steffan Powell, viewers are invited to see what really goes into the making of Doctor Who.

"It’s been such a privilege to create this show and we’re so grateful to the cast and crew who welcomed us in and allowed us to tell the story behind the drama."

Doctor Who: Unleashed presenter: Who is Steffan Powell?

Steffan Powell stands in front of the TARDIS
Steffan Powell is named as the host of Doctor Who: Unleashed. BBC Studios/Alistair Heap

Steffan Powell has been announced as the host of Doctor Who: Unleashed, who will be exploring the production of the 60th anniversary specials and asking the important questions to those involved.

Regular viewers and listeners of the BBC may recognise Powell as he currently serves as the corporation's gaming and culture correspondent, while previously he fronted BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat.

He also presents the BBC Sounds podcast Press X to Continue and has been a stand-in host for Newscast and BBC Radio 5Live Breakfast.

Powell said: "When you’re told Russell T Davies is asking for you to present a show, you say, ‘when does he want me?’ Doesn’t matter, I’ll be there...

"There’s a really fun and fascinating group of people bringing Doctor Who to life – I can’t wait for the audience to meet them. I’m so chuffed to have been trusted to help tell, in all its glory, the story of what goes into making the magic happen."

Is there a trailer for Doctor Who: Unleashed?

There isn't a trailer as such, but you can watch a sneak peek of the show's first miniature episode, which was put together to cover the Children in Need scene Destination: Skaro, right here now.

The first full length episode of Doctor Who: Unleashed will air on BBC Three and iPlayer at 7:30pm on Saturday 25th November. Check out more of our Sci-Fi coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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